ALLEASY is organized by a 10 years experienced team of smart home product development and marketing experts. We have always been working on designing and manufacturing the most fashionable smart switches at competitive price for homes around the world.

After years of exploration, we’ve already developed 5 series of touch panel switches which is applying to the most up-to-date technologies such as networking wireless and Zigbee. With the help of the technologies, our product has worked out to fulfill the demand of smart home markets at different families. We have the production capability of 10K pieces switches each month, which will strongly stand by our production lead time.

Elaborate design

Based on the powerful function and high security, we have designed our product to be extremely simple structure and simple wiring. Our unique design of back up frame installation, make you learn to install in a second, whether you know about Alleasy or not.

We use the most trendy capacitive touch technology. The slight touch will bring you the same gentle feeling as your smart phone.


We use ultrathin and highly anti-scratch touch panel glass, your sharp finger nail can never give it a trace.  It will look the same smooth for many years.

Every component is picked up carefully from many different suppliers, that makes our product durability comparable to traditional bush button switch.  The durability also benefit from our strict and high strength QC process.

Powerful function

Back light but not dazzling, leads you to reach the switch in dark.

Touch sound and without touch sound preferable.

Inching two way lighting  can save your steps from stairs.

Our curtain controller can match most of motor and rail in the market, you can remote to open and close any time.

Any remote at your home can work with our switch, your TV remote, AC remote will be your switch remote.

Sensing switch, just wave your hand, bright and dark will be up to you. If your hand is dirty or wet to touch the switch, just wave your hand to make it work.

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