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Get Ready For The Bluetooth Smart Home
What I Learned About the Smart Home From Buil...
Touch panel switch & Remote controller
Smart host router
Smart sensors
ALLEASY is organized by a 10 years experienced team of smart home product development and marketing experts. We have always been working on designing and manufacturing the most fashionable smart switches at competitive price for homes around the world.
MODBUS/RS485 networking switch six lights
MODBUS/RS485 networking switch five lights
MODBUS/RS485networking switch four lights
MODBUS/RS485 networking switch three lights
Smart villa solution
This solution is to provide you with great security and convenience to control every appliance for your villa.
Hotel solution
The simplest function design for hotel rooms, the most enjoyable experiences for your guest. We assure you, it’s the most suitable equipment for your hotel.
Solution for 100-200sqm apartment
Customize everything of your apartment, customize your easy life. Alleasy smart system can help and make your life much easier than you can expect.
Solution for 50-100sqm apartment
Different scenes of lighting may be your favorite in this solution. No need to turn on switches one after another, just a slight touch to work it out.
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